• Less pumping of water reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce run off and flooding
  • Lower water bills

Rainwater Harvesting

Living in the temperate and often wet conditions of the British Isles it makes sense to collect rainwater for use before it disappears down the drain. This has a fourfold advantage.

Firstly it means that less water is taken from our reservoirs and rivers, secondly it means that rainwater run-off, causing flash flooding, is slightly reduced, thirdly it can be collected and filtered in situ in a relatively pure state. Although it is possible to filter rainwater for consumption it is better to use it for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden watering and other non potable uses. And finally and most importantly it reduces your metered consumption and saves money on your yearly water bill.

From a simple, above ground water butt to below ground storage tanks and comprehensive, automatic recycling systems, the range of rain harvesting products provide versatile, economic and ecological solutions and give consumers the ability to freely collect water and use it with out feeling guilty; on their plants and lawns, for washing their cars, in their washing machines and their toilets.

Natural Power Wales will design install and commission your rainwater harvesting system to BS EN 1453-1:2000 for both commercial and domestic users and our engineers will ensure good advice, the correct product for you application and a hassle free installation service.


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