• Reduce running costs
  • Higher efficiency
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Comfortable environment
  • Discrete and luxurious

Underfloor Heating

The process of heating a home, school or workplace not through wall mounted radiators but through pipes run under the timber floor or floor screed is seen as a greener option because, owing to a greater surface area that is warmed up compared to radiators, it can operate at lower temperatures than that of traditional heating methods. As a result it is perfectly suited to geo-thermal energy sources.

Underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than radiators, around 45ºC, so you will benefit from reduced running costs and higher efficiency. In fact you could see a 15-40% reduction in running costs. Unlike radiators, there are no high temperature surfaces or sharp edges which can cause injury. The low floor surface temperature (around 27ºC) results in an extremely comfortable, luxurious environment that is completely safe.

Maximum heat output for underfloor heating systems is 100 W/m2 for concrete floors and 70 W/m2 for timber suspended floors. For any underfloor heating system to work efficiently the property needs to be built to current building regulations. Carpet and underlay should not exceed 2.5 Tog.

Natural Power will design, install and commission your underfloor heating system with BS 7291 material to BS EN 1264-4:2001 for both commercial and domestic users and our engineers will ensure good advice, the correct product for your application, and a hassle free installation service.


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